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Custom Walk-In Closets

Complete Your Renovation with Custom Walk In Closets

Are you finally nearing the completion of your total home restoration and are ready to finish out the closet of your dreams? Santana & Santana Custom Woodwork are here to handcraft an incredible custom walk-in closet clad in rich natural woods and filled with the perfect mix of drawers, bins, buckets, and rods. You deserve more than a closet built out of a box of panels and connectors. Our design will surpass your desire for a private retreat that cares for you and your wardrobe in total luxury.

Leaving Ordinary Behind with Custom Woodwork Designs

Our designs begin with the best raw woods sourced from forests across the globe. Each custom woodwork design is built with its purpose in mind, so your hands will skate over its glossy surface while it moves, supports, and stores your possessions. We believe that the closet door must be as well crafted as every drawer, vanity, and table hidden behind the portal. We never begin the design from a stored plan. Your space will speak to our craftsman and you end up with a unique closet or restroom built only for you.

Building Unique Cabinetry that Suits Your Personal Style

Contemporary times demand a modern interior that moves with you. Our skills extend well beyond your closet. Ask us about creating a desk that disappears into the wall, or a display cabinet that puts the spotlight on your fine art, not itself. Each unit is destined for the space in which it was conceived. Never a duplicate or copy is found in our showroom. You are a unique soul and deserve a home that reflects your personal energy and style.

Contact Santana & Santana Custom Woodwork for an in-home consultation and design meeting today. Your closet, your soul, and your home will thank you.

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