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Commercial Carpentry Work

Custom Cabinetry and Kitchens for Your Commercial Space

Are you still searching for a clean and contemporary vibe to complete your commercial offices, upscale store front, or four-star restaurant? Santana & Santana Custom Woodwork are here to deliver the modern appearance you desire that pairs with function and style. We source the best materials from around the world to complete your workspace with built-in custom cabinetry, functional closets, and tables that dazzle. Whether you desire stone, wood, metal, or a blend, we can design something special for you.

Elevating Your Executive Offices with Commercial Carpentry Work

You could order your desk and conference table from the supply store, but your clients will be underwhelmed by its look and feel. We deliver commercial carpentry work that is ready to stand up to the test of time while wrapping your CEO and VIPs in luxury. Highlight their trophy collection, valuable artwork, or even the priceless piece of crystal, with cabinets, tables, end tables, and desks that speak of wealth, success, and an investment in the future.

Blending Form and Function in Your Contemporary Working Area

Does your business work with wealthy clients? Invite them to stay for the entire meeting when you add select pieces crafted by Santana & Santana Custom Woodwork to your reception area, meeting room, and even private bathrooms. When clients are seated in a space that speaks of success, they feel more secure in conducting business with you. Of course, every custom cabinet we complete is built to meet your specifications and desired purpose.

Finish out your next upscale commercial space with unique pieces crafted locally by Santana & Santana Custom Woodwork. We look forward to meeting with you and drawing up sample plans to complement your build design and function.

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