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Custom Kitchen Renovations

Dazzle Your VIP Guests with Our Custom Commercial Kitchens

Your restaurant has been earning rave reviews for years, but now it is time for a 21st Century upgrade! Santana & Santana Custom Woodwork craft amazing tables, cabinets, and closets designed to take custom commercial kitchens to the next level. Replace the dated stainless steel facing with the warmth of natural wood and stone to create a warm and welcoming work area for your most discerning guests and four-star chefs. Your next open-air kitchen design will be making headlines with its appearance and your signature dishes.

When Custom Kitchen Renovations Include a Chef's Table

When the reservations for your chef's table are booked for weeks ahead, it deserves a table worthy of the tasty meal and its VIP guests. Complete your custom kitchen renovations by adding a table handcrafted out of exotic woods, or perhaps finished out in contrasting marble. Working with your contractor, we will build a table meant for the space it inhabits. We are able to source materials from around the work to craft a piece ready to stand up to years of hungry customers and busy cooks.

Stand Apart from the Competition with Cutting Edge Design

An exceptional piece of furniture or cabinets designed for a more discerning clientele ought to support its surrounding environment without taking over the space. Our work starts on the drafting board with inspiration bolstered by your selection of flooring, lighting fixtures, upholstery, and function. Once installed, the dining table, buffet, and storage cabinets will seamlessly support your business while relaxing your hungry customers. Custom should never be ordinary, but inspiring.

Connect with Santana & Santana Custom Woodwork and include us in your next design meeting so we can create something truly wonderful together. Our designers look forward to assisting with your kitchen, restroom, reception, and function room designs.

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