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Custom Bathroom Renovations

Catering to Your VIP with Custom Bathroom Renovations

Will your next office renovation or new high-rise include some serious luxury finishes in the executive washroom or ladies retiring room? Santana & Santana Custom Woodwork provide the custom finishes required to take your custom bathroom renovations from typical into sumptuous. Picture the walls wrapped in panels of exotic hardwood, floating vanities covered in marble, and polished alcoves holding scented bouquets. The restroom represents the most intimate moment of your client's visit. It should also provide a welcoming and restful sanctuary.

A Commercial Carpenter that Exceeds Expectations

Our expertise includes helping clients complete their design through custom furnishings that appear to be built into the space. We begin with superior materials sourced from across the globe and handcraft tables, cabinets, and closets to fit specifically into your office, restaurant, or retail environment. As a commercial carpenter, we understand that you expect more from a fixture. It not only will be functional, sturdy, and rugged, it will invite you to touch and savor its silky smooth surfaces and sharp edges.

Beautiful Built-In Vanities, Closets, and Tables

Call us in when the CEO requires a private washroom off their office. We can craft a walk-in closet able to hold everything they need from an ironing board, to shoe rack, and shelving for their after hours wardrobe. Carry the appearance of cedar walls into their bespoke wash room with a custom vanity or small table positioned perfectly for toiletries. When you commission us for such specialized work, we begin the design on a blank sheet of paper and let the feature come to life under a pen, lathe, and sand block.

Whether your next commercial renovation includes a bathroom, kitchen, lounging area, or dining room, Santana & Santana Custom Woodwork are here to create and craft for you. Call us today for a private consultation.

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